Rain Of New Gadgets At HumAngle Raises Hopes Of Increased Productivity

There was a frenzy of excitement at the office this week as a number of employees got new personal computers (and phone), which they reckon would improve their productivity at work.

Computers and cell phones have become a critical part of workplaces across the world, especially media houses and tech-inclined companies. Electronic gadgets offer employees greater flexibility, enhance workflows, improve communications, and help to make users more efficient and productive.

Assistant editor Hauwa Shaffii Nuhu, who recently upgraded to an iPhone 12, told Humans of HumAngle she had been using her previous phone for a little over a year and, at some point, it started overheating randomly and frequently. “It is frustrating because I work a lot with my phone,” she said.

People may need their cell phones and computers to work so they can simply get by, but they don’t necessarily need the highest resolution screens, the sleekest designs and all. Hauwa, however, will settle for nothing less. She did not only go for lustrous but also beautiful and amazing! “I love it!” she exclaimed.

“It is so sleek, beautiful, and light; I wanted black but it wasn’t available so I got purple,” Hauwa, whose new HP convertible is barely a month old, told this reporter. “I have always been a phone person but why not spoil myself.”

Hawwa Muhammad Bukar, another new gadget owner, said she got a new laptop because she needed it for her work. “I don’t like carrying devices around so I got a portable one which makes it easier to work or write wherever I am.”

Humans of HumAngle can confirm that the laptop, a light pink Apple product, is truly portable. In an office full of small laptops belonging to persons like Akinyemi Muhammad, Chigozie Benedicta, and Hauwa Shaffii Nuhu, Hawwa’s new baby probably leads the pack.

Solutions and multimedia reporter Zubaida Baba Ibrahim has been ecstatic since she got a new MacBook to replace her old-model Apple laptop, calling on colleagues to rejoice with her at any opportunity. Asked what the challenge was with the previous device, she heaved a heavy sigh and then said she wasn’t even sure where to start.

“I have used the device for over 10 years; we have been through a lot,” Zubaida said, as if describing a bitter-sweet marriage.

“The laptop saw me through thick and thin. My first assignment in the university, my project, my first paying job in the media industry, and even my writing gigs… I literally learnt writing with the laptop.”

Zubaida said she has so many memories of the laptop; not memories she would miss though! This year, the laptop became ridiculously slow, giving her a hard time most especially whenever she typed. “Sometimes it will just hang,” she frustratingly stated.

We asked her how effective the new laptop has been.

“Hmmmmm my sister!” she joyfully replied. “I don’t even want to refer to it as a laptop; my new Macbook has changed my life. It really has, even though it only came two days ago, it has made me a better person. I am a happier woman because of it.”

“It has made my work easier. In 30 minutes I have done all the research and jottings I want to do. Today alone I did two reports seamlessly, even did further research afterwards,” she added.

“It is already making a difference in my work. I will be able to work faster, and I don’t have to rely on my phone anymore. I will be more efficient with my work. I am really grateful, it is not easy getting a new laptop after 10 years. I am also very grateful to HumAngle for all the support.”

In the event of an emergency or when one has to be on the field, cell phones are more convenient to use.

“It will make my work out there on the field a lot better, especially with recording, pictures and even videos,” observed Hauwa.

According to HumAngle’s ICT specialist, Khadija Gidado, the decision to get new devices depends on the kind of work the person is doing and the specifications of the laptop. The emphasis, she said, should be on speed, adding that the recent acquisitions will undoubtedly improve the productivity of employees.

Other staff members who have acquired new laptops this year include Managing Editor Anita Eboigbe, Programmes Lead Hafsah Abubakar Matazu, and Director of Operations Hameeda Buhari. Last year, at least three employees were also noted to have replaced their personal computers.

Senior reporter and Head of Armed Violence and Climate Security Desk, Murtala Abdullahi, says the development has inspired him to consider changing his laptop as well. Many hint that this is long overdue. “For a journalist reporting climate change, Murtala’s laptop does have a generous amount of plastic,” one person whispered to us.

Reporter: Ruqayya Sa’eed

Editor: ‘Kunle Adebajo

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